Pic of Matthew as Caleb 
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Dream Warrior is now released on DVD in the United States.
You can purchase the DVD at


Just click the link above to purchase the DVD.
Warning: This movie is rated 'R' There is some nudity, and sexual situations.
The movie is a mixture of Road Warrior, Willow, Star Wars, and a bit of Genesis. I thought Matthew was great in it. He plays the gentle, Caleb. He tries to help his friends, as well as Sterling portrayed by Sherilyn Fenn, whom you immediately know that they care for each other very deeply. Matthew is a part of the mutant humans who have to hide their powers. Persecuted, he tries to help his friends flee from Parrish, (Lance Henriksen) A man with messianic tendicies, who is trying to wipe out all mutant "unclean" humans. It is Rage who helps him save Sterling from being put to death. Using his special power. Caleb is able to find a mythical place known as Eden.
Rage helps them make their way through the badlands, until he hears the cry of a baby. It is a child prophetized to be the savior of the mutant humans. Rage saves the baby, who happens to be Parrrish's son. A battle for power is fought. How does it end?
Gee, I guess you'll have to buy the movie!!. 

Matthew's movie Dream Warrior is finally out!!

The movie was originally called, A Man Called Rage. It is a remake of a move  made in Italy in 1984. It was a sequel of a movie called Rage. It has gone by many names, Rage II, A Man called Rage, Rush 2 the final game, Rage- Fuoco Incrociato. Its leading man was Conrad Nichols. It was a Post-Apocalypse movie. Some said it was very similar to the second Road Warrior movie. From the looks of the first movie, and the execellent new cast, and great director. I think this is going to be an action filled, movie. In the movie, Matthew is acting with several co-stars from precious movies and TV shows. From Robin Hood Men in Tights Isaac Hayes stars in the movie, he was Asneeze.  Richard Norton was the stunt co-ordinator for The New Adventures of Robin Hood.  Zachary Weintraub also was involved in Matthew's old series, The New Adventures of Robin Hood. Must have felt like he was back on the set. Anyway, on to the photos gallery!


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The Cast of Dream Warrior

Matthew Porretta

Sherilyn Fenn

Daniel Goddard

Isaac Hayes

Lance Henricksen

Bojana Gregoric

Zachary Weintraub
writer, director
Zahra Swetz

Behind the scenes with
Lance, Daniel, Bojana, and Norton

Zahra and Daniel
Zahra and Sherilyn
Matt in Croatia

Dream Warrior

Producers: Tom Kuhn, Fred Weintraub, Rainer Mockert 
Director: Zachary Weintraub 

RAGE - Daniel Goddard PARISH - Lance Henriksen STERLING - Sherilyn Fenn
ZO - Isaac Hayes CALEB - Matthew Porretta  JALIL - Richard Norton
Danica - Bojana Gregoric Paloma - Zahra Swetz

This film was shot in Zagreb, Croatia with the Jadran Studios.

In Honor of Matthew's Co-star Issac Hayes, I present!

South Park Caleb

Click here to see a review of the original A Man called Rage from 1984, movie Dream Warrior is based on.


 Visit Lance Henricksen's Fanclub website. I obtained the info for the movie from his site.
I want to thank a loyal fan of Daniel Goddard, who first cued me in on Matthew's appearance in the movie.

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